Chris Cate Biography

Pulling into his friendly neighborhood Sunoco in Burlington, VT, little did Chris Cate know that his future would unfold so rapidly. A chance encounter with a bass player, an invite to a club and the rest is history.

Chris quickly became the agent for the ascending jam rock scene in the northeast US.  Soon enough, the influence reached nationally as Chris developed soon to be stars, the Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector Nine (aka STS9) and Railroad Earth from the ground up.

Other burgeoning stars like Bluestring, The Recipe, Garaj Mahal and of late Zach Deputy and BIG Something have followed the model, based on independent touring and fan-base building;  where they have all enjoyed tremendous success at the next level.

Today, Treeline Artists continue to build bands the old fashioned way; tour, build a fan-base and own your destiny.

Treeline Artists Agency was founded in 2000 in Atlanta, GA. The agency has had offices in Athens, GA, and Topanga, CA and is currently in Marina del Rey, CA. The agency specializes in developing artists with a growing regional fan-base into a national touring band and building the foundation for a successful career in live music. Chris has worked with William Morris Agency and Skyline Artists and is a member of the 4000 footer club and has climbed 9 of the 14 teeners on the West Coast!