Sandie West Music Biography

Sandie West has worked in Film/TV/Stage/Media/Music since early 1990. Having been at the core of EDM and the very first rave at The Clink Studios in London which was by day a music studio that was frequented by Freddie Mercury and Big Audio Dynamite.  Further with Sandie’s Theater Company New Playwrights and Players in Covent Garden, the early 1990’s, Goldmine Studios was part of the mix with James Taylor quartet as  a frequent visitor and collaborator.

At that time, Sandie was living at Inter Galactic art studios in Camberwell that had a dance studios and a music studio in the basement which was a frequent haunt for all the early punk bands.  Sandie throughout the years has fused her love of music with film and has been the personal cinematographer for Tiesto, contracted by Moonshine Records.  Celebrate life through dance is her personal motto and her favorite way to stay happy and fit.  The many early raves where she worked lights with Eye Candy Lazer such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is where she met Pasqual (Electric Daisy Carnival).

At present she is producing and developing 10 major film projects and all have amazing soundtracks that gives the film a certain edgy feel and look.  In particular, “Rave On” book option was signed and expect to hear more about this film project soon. Not content to just shoot camera, publicity or direct films, Sandie herself was in a band singing reggae, her father is from Grenada, so she inherited the love of music through him.  However, that was a long, time ago but dancing is still her favorite pastime.